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What’s flying easyJet like during the pandemic?



After flying from Dublin to Amsterdam on Aer Lingus and staying overnight at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport in the citizenM hotel, it was time to fly the final leg. This time I was joining two friends and flying with easyJet, who I haven’t flown since 2010.

Quite frankly, the flight was a steal, costing €32.49, and I booked two and a half weeks before departure, after another airline cancelled their flight. To sit together, we paid an additional €4.99 each. If you don’t pay this, the only way to sit together is to check in one after the other, as easyJet assign as you check in otherwise.

Time To Fly easyJet

After meeting a friend off the 5:55am train, we sped through the airport socially distancing in our masks. Amsterdam has newer security scanners meaning everything can stay in your bag, which I adore. Once at the gate, easyJet announced there would be no Speedy Boarding and called everyone by rows.

U27925 – Amsterdam to Nice (AMS-NCE)

24 August 2020

Airbus A320 – OE-IJU

Seat: Economy 26B

Departure: 07:00 Arrival: 09:00

We boarded through the rear door, stowed our cabin baggage and sat down. It is lucky we pre-selected our seats, because the flight turned out to be almost completely full.

Soon enough, the cabin crew came through and closed the overhead lockers. After the safety demonstration we headed to the runway and took to the sky pretty quickly.

Our easyJet A320 Cabin

In Europe, easyJet is considered the “better” low cost airline, as opposed to their competition, Ryanair. I find it pretty correct, and I think that’s just because of the cabin ambiance.

They have a more standard cabin with less eye watering colours, which just feels nicer all round. Either way, I had no problems at all with it.

I’m Hungry, Give Me Food!

After flying for a bit, I asked my friend to flag down a passing stewardess and ask if we were having cabin service. Perhaps I’m too used to business class, but it felt like we had waited a while. Plus, Aer Lingus are not serving food on board right now on European flights and I had just flown them, so I thought it might be the case here.

The crew member replied tartly that yes, there was service and it would start soon. Well, okay then! Surely enough, the trolley soon arrived and we ordered what we wanted.

Price wise, the Mezze Snack Box comes in at €6 on the menu, while the water is €2.50 and the coffee €3.00. The drinks are highway robbery, but since I had wine the night before, I couldn’t care less and just paid up.

Once I had the food, I chilled for the rest of the flight. We landed in Nice and deplaned through the rear door, and soon enough were in the terminal and the flight was over.

How About A 25 Second Video?

On a whim, I took a quick video of the cabin from my seat. It just pans around my seating area and tray tables and shows the view from my seat at the back.

Exciting stuff, I know, but it does give you that being there feeling a picture just can’t!

Overall Thoughts

easyJet offer a very good product at a very good price. The cabin crew fulfilled their roles professionally and I thought the buy on board offering to be fine.

Cabin comfort is very good though I found the tray tables to be on the meagre side. If the big orange actually flew to Dublin, I would probably use them over Ryanair. However, they tried that once, got burned and never came back, which is a shame.

What do you think of easyJet? Are they your airline of choice? How about that full service during a pandemic? Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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Featured image by Alan Wilson on Flickr via Wikimedia Commons.

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Title: What’s flying easyJet like during the pandemic?
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4 Amazing Travel Ideas For Your Next Adventure




Everyone loves a good vacation. Whether it be in a tropical resort or a small hotel in a different state, the idea of getting away is exciting. There are ways that you can take your vacation and travel to the next level though and make it one that you will never forget. Here are four amazing travel ideas for your next adventure.

Wine Tours

What’s better than traveling around beautiful estates and having some wine while you do it? Traveling wine tours are a fantastic way to see the state you are in, while also getting to try some of the top wine in the country. There are plenty of wine tours for you to choose from as well. Take a city like Kelowna for example. It is known for its amazing vineyards and wine estates. Therefore, Kelowna wine tours are some of the best that you can attend. It is a great adventure that will be memorable for a long time.


Do you want to get away from the cities and experience nature? Portaging and camping is a great way to travel around while having a great time doing it. There are many different portaging trips to choose from depending on how intense you want them to be. You can spend up to a month in the wilderness with just you and some friends surviving off the land. If you are into nature and camping, portaging is an experience you definitely do not want to miss.


If you want to cover large distances, why not travel to Europe and backpack around the country? Many people have gone there, packing only bare essentials traveling from country to country staying in hostels along the way. This has become so common that Europe fully accommodates people looking to do this. This is a fantastic trip if you are looking to see a ton of different countries and cultures, but don’t have a lot of time to do so. If you are backpacking around Europe, you will not be disappointed with what you are going to see.

n All-Inclusive Resort

Sometimes, simple is the best when it comes to trips like this. Find a tropical island filled with beautiful beaches and get a week’s stay in an all-inclusive resort. You won’t have to worry about food or drinks there, as everything will be provided for you. These are great vacations for people who are just looking to relax and escape from the rest of the world. Bring a bathing suit and prepare to spend hours relaxing by the pool or on the beach.

These are all fantastic travel ideas that will make for a great adventure. Remember, the more people you bring along with you, the better the adventure will be. Find out what you and your group want to do and try to book something to make it happen. At the end of the day, it is up to you to make it the adventure that you truly want. Where do you plan on traveling to next?

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By: Marina Villatoro
Title: 4 Amazing Travel Ideas For Your Next Adventure
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Published Date: Sat, 19 Sep 2020 15:10:31 +0000

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The Most Reputable Weight Loss Centers Around the Globe




Losing a little weight is something that many people dream of doing. It can be easy for some to lose weight in a short period of time by following healthy eating schedules and meals along with some regular exercise. However, it can be incredibly challenging for others to lose weight when they are surrounded by unhealthy food and an environment that does not motivate them to change their habits. 

Luckily, there are now resorts all over the world that help people reach their goal weight and surround them with the support and motivation they would need along their weight loss journeys. Here are some of the most reputable weight loss centers around the globe and some interesting facts about each. 

Reputable Weight Loss Centers Around the Globe

Italy’s Lefay Resort

When many people think of Italy, the first thing that comes to mind is its delicious food. Whether it’s pasta or pizza or any other kind of food rich in carbs and sauces that treat your taste buds and make their mark on your body, Italian dishes are not what you should be looking for when it comes to weight loss. Luckily, Italy has proved it can do both with its Lefay Resort and Spa where people can take some time off and find their motivation to lose the weight they have been trying to get rid of for a long time. You can sign up for one of their diet programs where you would be served healthy, delicious, and nutritious food in the beautiful suburbs of Italy where you can relax and work on losing that extra weight in peace. 

Cooper Wellness Clinics, Texas

Losing weight can be a mentally draining task. If you have been trying to lose weight using different methods then it can also be frustrating. The Cooper Wellness Clinics offer people a fresh start when it comes to losing weight and keeping their bodies healthy for a long time. The treatments offered at a bariatric center allow you to get medical help to lose weight if you have struggled for a long time. Texas’ Cooper Wellness Resort would be perfect for those who want to find some peace of mind while on their journey to lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

Canada’s Whistler Fitness

Canada is one of Earth’s most iconic gems. People travel to the Northern American country from all over the world to witness its beautiful scenery and all its vivid cultural hubs. You can now enjoy all of Canada’s beauty while simultaneously losing weight at the Whistler Fitness Resort. The one thing you should know about Whistler though is that it is exclusive to women. So the next time you are looking for a girls-only retreat where you can enjoy some time away from your busy lives and still maintain a healthy lifestyle, this might be the perfect spot for you and your girl group. 

Somatheeram Ayurvedic Resort in India

The culture and lifestyle in India is one that is incredibly lively and vivid so it encourages the positive atmosphere many people look for when trying to motivate themselves to lose weight. India’s Somatheeram Ayurvedic resort is one of the nicest places around the world where you can be immersed in the Indian culture and still lose weight effectively during your time there. They offer numerous diet programs and wellness sessions for individuals to choose from during their stay at the resort. 

Spain’s Shanti-Som Retreat

Weight loss is a lifelong journey, once a person starts they should not simply abandon. That is exactly the kind of lifestyle that Spain’s Shanti-Som retreat promotes to its visitors. When you lose weight, you should not just lose weight for the sake of it and go back to gaining weight after your retreat. It is a lifestyle that you should follow for the rest of your life. At Shanti-Som, you would be able to learn all about maintaining a healthy lifestyle during and after your retreat is over and you go back to your regular daily life. *

Having a healthy lifestyle and a healthy body that can help you lead a healthy kind of life should be the main reason why anyone decides to lose weight. The process of losing weight itself is no easy task. It can take a lot of work and require a lot of motivation and will power.

 Sometimes, going away for some time to look for that motivation and find the support you need is all it would take to get you on the right track in your weight loss journey. Make sure you do extensive research before you book any weight loss retreats at any center around the world so that you can get the best possible experience. 

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By: Marina Villatoro
Title: The Most Reputable Weight Loss Centers Around the Globe
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Published Date: Fri, 11 Sep 2020 17:21:41 +0000

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Review: The excellent citizenM Hotel at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport




Airport hotel are a curious breed. You have stalwarts like the Hilton at Amsterdam Airport, which are furnished in what I call “hotel chic”, that mix of contemporary, but safe, not verging too far from the beige. Then you have hotels like the citizenM, which throw it all out the window and give you something chic and cool.

After arriving on Aer Lingus to Amsterdam Schiphol, I met a friend in arrivals and hit the shops. Since my flight had no food service, I needed dinner and naturally we also grabbed some wine. From there we walked the few minutes to the hotel.

citizenM Amsterdam Schiphol

My friend had already checked in, so we headed up to the third floor room. She reports that during check-in on the device, she could pick a runway facing room, and a low floor or high floor. Unfortunately, she didn’t scroll to the next page, which had higher floors, she discovered once it was done. Still, a runway view we had!

Opening the room, you are immediately struck by the bed, which is under the window. It is large, surrounded by three walls, with the window above. Truly you could have three in it comfortably, four at a squeeze. Next up, was the shower and toilet arrangement.

The basin is sort of in the room, while the shower is a circular cubicle. A curtain walls off this part of the room when required. Across is the toilet, also in a circular pod type arrangement. All in all, very compact and for €82.50 for the night, I was not complaining.

The Great citizenM Staff

After eating in the room and having a plastic cup of wine, my friend said we had to go to the bar as it was so stylish. A very large space, filled with people, some eating at tables in one area, others lounging around on the various different styles of furniture.

We chose our wine from a friendly barman, and sat down near the TV to chat away and catch up. Of course, another glass was had, more chatting and then one more.

Naturally, we then had one or two more, and chatted to the bar staff for a while. They were happy to tell us where they were from and answer questions and what not. The staff are not too young, not too old, funky, yet not too funky, very smiley and provide great service. The perfect group, if you ask me. We went to bed, slept for a couple of hours, then hauled ourselves out of bed to go fly.

Overall Thoughts

citizenM Amsterdam Schiphol is an excellent hotel, especially for those who like to visit the bar. The bar vibe really reminded me of Kimpton Hotels, which I also really like. Those who don’t and just need shut eye before a flight will find a gigantic comfortable bed and soundproofed rooms which are really very quiet. Perfect for an overnight layover.

It is far closer to the terminal than the Hilton, with the walk taking about half the time. I’d certainly recommend staying here and with the centre of Amsterdam so close by train, you could even stay here and avoid city centre hotel prices.

Have you stayed at a citizenM hotel before, or maybe even this one? What was it like? Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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