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Guide for Those Looking to Visit Cyprus for Vacation



Cyprus is a popular vacation place to go for a number of reasons. The island has a rich ancient history, all year round sun, tasty local cuisine, a rugged shoreline, and lots of fantastic beaches, some of which rank among the best in East Europe. Cyprus is only a small island, but there are a total of 64 beaches. You’ll discover huge beaches, small coves, family friendly bays, hidden bays, everything for a fantastic vacation.

The best beaches to check out when you Visit Cyprus

Nissi Beach – At the south east of the island, Nissi is a superb choice for the partygoers. It’s 500 metres of white sand with lots of restaurants and pubs. You can also walk to a small islet when the wave is reduced. Throughout the daytime, you’ll discover lots of tourists lounging on the beach. However it really come to life in the evenings when the nightclubs get busy. There are lots of water sport activities and beach parties. DJ events are usually held on the beach.

Fig Tree Bay – Close to the Nissi, the Fig Tree Bay Is Quite famous in Cyprus. It’s in a quiet resort area of Protaras. The Fig Tree Bay is on a regular basis ranked among Europe’s best beaches. The beach gets its name from the fig tree on the shore which is over a hundred years. The water is shallow and incredibly clean. Even the children can swim here safely, making this a superb beach for families. Lifeguards always keep a close watch at the summertime. Many sunbeds on the soft white sand. Swim to reach the tiny nearby islet. That is a great spot for snorkeling. There are restaurants and lots of cafes along the promenade.

Coral Bay – A 600 meters squared Shaped beach in Peyia city, close to Paphos. This really is the best beach for swimming in Cyprus. The water is warmer than other beaches close to Paphos. In addition, Most beaches around Paphos have a lot of pebbles. Thus the Coral Bay sees many visitors, families and people who wish swim in azure clear water. Relax on a sun lounger or head to the nearby cafes, pubs, or beach pavilions. There are also amusement parks, a go karting facility, and a dive center. You’ll come across many water sport activities to select From in the Coral Bay.

Mackenzie Beach – That is a kilometer long beach very close to the Larnaca International Airport. Head to the beach and stretch out in one of the numerous loungers with umbrella cover. You are able to see the planes really close from here. There are bustling pubs and restaurants along the entire stretch. There’s a seafront stage where many events are held, like concerts, art fairs, and late night parties. There are play areas for your kids. Offshore, there’s the Zenobia shipwreck, which you can see if you’re into diving. Others can go to the Larnaca Salt Lake, which can be very close. It’s home to numerous flamingoes.

Best place to stay in when you Visit Cyprus

There are lots of pretty villages with cobblestone alleys and stone trimming traditional houses and vibrant towns with beaches and promenades. The best hotel areas and cities in Cyprus are diverse, with a few of them rank high in Europe. So where do you keep in Cyprus? They all offer something for the visitor.

Paphos – This city in the south west was known as Kouklia once. It’s the birthplace of the mythical goddess Aphrodite. Contemporary afternoon Paphos is fantastic. You are able to see fortresses, ruins of tombs, theaters, along with the Archaeological Park. There are villas for rent, fantastic shopping, fascinating history, and stunning scenery. The lower part of the city has beach front restaurants, restaurants, and nightlife. Paphos is a good option for couples and families.

Coral Bay – This beautiful bay is situated In Peyia city, which is located north of Paphos. It’s a 600 meters long crescent shaped beach with tranquil waves. Safe for swimming, even for the youngsters. You’ll come across a lot of sunbeds with umbrellas. The beach also has dip facilities. Head to the local marine for sailing and sea turtle excursions. There are beach pavilions, pubs, and bars in Coral Bay. Go karting and entertainment parks are local.

Limassol – This city accomplishes the rare distinction of blending family friendly setting and nightlife. Parents can proceed to party once their children are safely tucked into the bed for the night. Limassol is among the biggest cities in Cyprus. It’s beaches, restaurants, waterpark, and historical attractions. See the ruins of Amathus and the Limassol castle. The tourist centers and hotels are for the most part in the city’s eastern part. The city also has a marina.

Larnaca – The Finikoudes beach in Larnaca is one of Europe’s most scenic city beaches. That is a hands lined beach with promenades and all amenities such as the tourists. The water is safe and clean for swimming. Larnaca is a large city with one of the island’s largest harbors and lots of places to live. Many cafes, restaurants, shops, and supermarkets. There’s KFC, McDonalds, Starbucks and Marks and Spencer. The city also has historical religious sites. The international airfield is on the corner of Larnaca. There’s also a salt water pond where you are able to see flamingoes. Choose whether you would rather have a retreat style villa or a more rustic property, perhaps on a mountainside, in a vineyard, or even a village. You’ll find them all in Cyprus.

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Title: Guide for Those Looking to Visit Cyprus for Vacation
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4 Top Stargazing Places to Visit in 2020




Dark skies, bright stars are every stargazer’s main attraction spots. All around the world, people travel to experience the best spot the world has to offer. To most city dwellers, their experience with stargazing is bumping into the latest celebrity at the mall or grocery store checkout line thanks to air pollution and the city lights.

But there is nothing as magical as looking up into the dark skies dotted with constellations, planets, and shooting stars. The International Dark-Sky Association (IDA) recognizes over 130 spots that preserve the most star-filled skies. UNESCO recognizes several starlight reserves on its Astronomical Heritage sites list. These spectacular spots offer stargazers an opportunity to reconnect with the planet and learn more about the universe.

We believe you deserve to know the top spots that will give you the most magical experience, yet.  Here are 4 top places to visit in 2020 for stargazing.

The Best Stargazing Places to Visit

Natural Bridges National Monument, Utah

Located in the remote Lake Powell of Utah, Natural Bridges was the first to be certified by the IDA as the international dark sky park. The IDA is the leading organization in combating light pollution, it is a big deal. The designation recognizes areas with some of the darkest and clearest skies in the world. It acknowledged darkness as a resource worthy of conservation and protection and appreciates the efforts extended to achieve this. The main attraction of the dark skies of Natural Bridges is a phenomenon that rises over the natural rock formation of Owachomo Bridge creating one of the most spectacular Milky Way you have ever seen. The bridge forms some sort of a window to the sky by beautifully framing thousands of stars, all of which are visible with the naked eye.

Plan to camp here overnight to have the full experience. Night photographers do get some of the most marvelous shots at the Natural Bridges National Monument, but always remember artificial sources of light for photography are prohibited.

Mauna Kea, Hawaii, United States

Located about 2,500 miles Southwest of California, Hawaii has evolved to be one of the leading astronomy destinations. The high volcanic peaks offer some of the most spectacular sceneries around the world.

4 Top Stargazing Places to Visit in 2020

Mauna Kea Summit is perhaps the most popular stargazing spots in Hawaii.

13,803 feet above the town of Hilo and close to Mauna Kea is the Mauna Kea Observatory, the largest of its kind in the world. It is a major astronomy hub.

What’s more, is that it is one of the few places on earth you can drive nearly 14,000 above sea level. Just make sure you check-in at the Visitors Station to acclimatize. You don’t want to experience altitude sickness. Still, the journey is magical with starry rewards. Make sure to bring the best telescopes as from this spot you get to see the celestial wonders of the Northern Hemisphere from bands of Jupiter to the constellations of Orion. Also because Mauna Kea is close to the equator, the stars of the Southern Hemisphere are visible, too. This means that over 80% of the earth’s stars can be seen from Mauna Kea.

Photographers have been known to capture the rare lunar rainbow from Mauna Kea. Lunar rainbows are essentially lit by the moon and not the sun, and occur under precise conditions.

Pic du Midi, France

Located in the Pyrénées Mountains of France, Pic Ddu Midi is good enough of a spot for NASA to take photos of the moon surface in preparation for their missions; it’s good enough for you.

A cable car from the La Mongie will get you to the summit, where an observatory is perched right above the clouds.

Also, the reserve is a UNESCO World Heritage Site as well as a major French national park. Plan to book an overnight stay to experience an unforgettable night under the stars.

Los Angeles, California

It is primarily known for another kind of star, the Hollywood star, and smog that is ever-present. To many, Lost Angeles does not come off as an ideal place to go stargazing. But those that have visited the iconic Griffith Observatory will tell you otherwise. Perched atop Mount Hollywood, it is one of the most astronomically intriguing places to visit. Depending on the time of the year, from Griffith Observatory you can observe assorted double stars, nebulae, Jupiter, and Venus. And with powerful telescopes, the incredibly detailed view of the Moon’s craggy surface can be visible.

The stars are accessible from most places and to everyone but some locations can get you the most from a night sky. Add these spots to your bucket list and start ticking. Once you do, you’ll be treated to an amazing view few people will even get to see.

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By: Marina Villatoro
Title: 4 Top Stargazing Places to Visit in 2020
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Published Date: Mon, 26 Oct 2020 15:30:03 +0000

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Top Ways to Get from Seattle to Victoria




Seattle and Victoria are two gorgeous cities located relatively close. Both US citizens and Canadians usually visit each other and enjoy a short trip between both places. Both cities have a ton of cool things to offer, plus getting from one place to the other can also be a lot of fun and involve a lot of scenic views.

There are many fun ways to do this trip, below you will find a list of five of the most fun.

3 Ways to Get from Seattle to Victoria

1.Take a Ferry

Taking a high speed passenger ferry from Seattle to Victoria is one of the most fun options that you get for this route. It will take anywhere from 2 to 3 hours to do the trip while you relax on board of a beautiful boat while looking out the window as if you were cruising. There are two round trip services every day.

Prices range from $115 – $160 USD

2. Flights

How about a non-traditional flight on board of a seaplane? This might be a bit of a splurge at around $160 per person but it sure is fun to sit in the cockpit of a small plane and enjoy the views from above for around 45 minutes.

There are, of course, regular commercial flights that might be chapter but I don’t think that they are as fun.

3. Car – Mixed Roadtrip

This is probably my favorite route but you need at least six hours to do the 140-mile drive that will take you along gorgeous roads and trams at moments. It will be quite an adventure!

As you can see, with the first two options you can easily plan a long weekend trip. Now the road trip requires more time but might also be the best choice for those looking to do some in-depth exploration.

So, what do you think? Will you be doing the trip between Seattle and Vancouver or vice-versa any time soon? What do you think will be your preferred way of transportation?

Tip: Remember that regardless of the option you pick you will need a valid passport to get from one side to the other.

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By: Marina Villatoro
Title: Top Ways to Get from Seattle to Victoria
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Published Date: Fri, 23 Oct 2020 17:07:04 +0000

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Why Andorra is the Perfect Year-Round Holiday Destination




The tiny nation of Andorra is located south of France, north of Spain and nestled between the Pyrenees mountains.

Not only is it the 17th smallest country in the world, and you could fit the whole of Andorra into the city of London more than three times over. But don’t let its size fool you! Andorra has a lot to offer holidaymakers who are looking for the perfect all-year-round destination. Andorra may be one of the smallest countries in Europe, but it boasts beautiful mountainous landscapes, and every season offers travellers new activities and adventures to explore.

Andorra is widely known for its fantastic number of ski resorts in the Winter, but the Spring and Summer months are also a wonderful time to visit the area, Once the snow begins to melt, Andorra reveals its amazing dark-green luscious scenery, making its forests perfect for exploring the country on foot, bikes or even horseback. If you need a break from exploring the wilderness, Andorra also has over 1,000 shops, many of them offering low taxes and duty-free options!

If you’re looking for a year-round European destination with plenty to offer, here are four reasons why Andorra is the perfect choice for you!

destination” width=”1280″ height=”1009″ srcset=” 1280w,×236.jpg 300w,×807.jpg 1024w,×605.jpg 768w” sizes=”(max-width: 1280px) 100vw, 1280px” />Outdoor activities

Andorra has something for everyone who appreciates the natural outdoors and all that nature has to offer. Whether you like hiking, fishing, bike riding or skiing, rest assured that Andorra will have an activity to suit your likes and hobbies.

The best time for skiing in the region is from January to March, with winter sports lovers benefitting from lots of snow and sunshine! There are plenty of ski resorts in Andorra, but the biggest in the Pyrenees is Grandvalira.

This ski resort boasts 210km of pistes with seven different sectors, and the resort offers plenty of options that will suit skiers of all abilities. Grandvalira also has a specific snow park for snowboarders, and it even offers mushing (husky rides) too! You can book your Andorra holiday full of skiing in Grandvalira with

If you’re not a fan of the cold, towards the end of spring and beginning of summer offers equally striking scenery, and is ideal for keen walkers, hikers and riders to discover the country by foot, bike or horse. For cycling fans, you can even take a ride through some of the same routes used on the Tour de France!


Andorra is a paradise for keen shopaholics. With over 1,000 stores to choose from, shoppers can also benefit from cheaper goods due to the country’s tax haven status. Tax rates are around 4.5% and many of the stores also offer duty-free. Andorra is a great destination for anyone looking to purchase high-quality, big-name brands at a much lower cost.

Andorra’s capital city, Andorra la Vella, has a big selection of designer brand names in its shopping centre Gras Magaztzems Pyrenees. Whether you’re visiting for a short break or a week-long vacation, you can return home with a brand new wardrobe of luxurious clothes for a much lower price. Just make sure you check the customs regulations before you fly so that you avoid any issues with your new purchases.

Food & Drink

The cuisine in Andorra is heavily influenced by its neighbours, France and Spain, particularly by the Spanish region of Catalunya.

The two regions not only share a language, but they also have many similar cultural traditions, including food! Andorra’s national dish is Escudella, which is a hearty stew filled with meat, vegetables and white beans or chickpeas. As Andorra doesn’t have a coastline, seafood is obviously scarce, however, there is a lot of fish such as trout to be found in its mountain streams.

Food fans who travel to the country are in for a real treat! Many of the top restaurants in Andorra are high-quality eateries with a taste for fancy presentation and top-notch cuisine. As for nightlife, Andorra is a great place to party, thanks to its resorts. Most of the main ski resorts have vibrant après-ski bars, while the capital of Andorra la Vella is packed with a variety of bars and clubs.


Andorra has a diverse culture and heritage, with plenty of museums, 18 to be precise, for tourists to explore and learn about the country’s rich history and art. Travellers have a unique opportunity to gain insight into Andorra’s traditions and culture, from interactive museums to art galleries. The diversity of culture in the country provides enough entertainment for anyone looking to visit. Some options are:

The Casa Cristo Ethnographic museumThe Nikolai Syadristy Miniature MuseumRomanesque inspired churches including the church of Sant Joan de Caselles, the church of Santa Eulalia and the church of Sant Clement de Pal.

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Title: Why Andorra is the Perfect Year-Round Holiday Destination
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Published Date: Fri, 23 Oct 2020 15:34:11 +0000

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