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RV Loans: A Guide for Beginners



There are different kinds of loans you can have that isn’t money. There are those for houses, as well as vehicles. One example is that for Recreational Vehicles or RV’s. RV’s are a great vehicle for long distance travels that offers comfort like you were at home. If  you are interested in taking an RV loan, here’s what you need to know.

What are RV Loans?

RV Loans are a type of loan where you can have an RV of your choice that you pay monthly for a specific amount of time. The price and interest rates will rely on your type of loan, the product, and the credit score.

RV Loans vs. Purchasing vs. Rent

There usually are three ways to have an RV. Either you buy, finance, or rent one. But how different are these methods, and which one should you choose?

Purchasing means buying the vehicle in one go. RVs are naturally expensive, with prices ranging from ten thousand to more than a hundred thousand, with some going as far as millions.

If you have the money to buy it, you can purchase it. However, the cost of buying RV does not end there. Maintenance is inevitable when owning a vehicle, and needless to say, there are several things that RV needs for maintenance because it is both a vehicle and a mobile home. Not to mention the fuel to make it run. You need to save a large amount of money from getting and taking care of it.

Financing the RV is also as expensive as buying the RV, but with a higher cost. This is because of the added interest rate, which is added to the vehicle’s monthly payment. The RV, if loaned, will be paid in small portions per month with interest.

If you want to own an RV, but don’t have an adequate amount of money to purchase one immediately, then you may apply for a loan. But, you need to make sure you have enough money to cover for the monthly payment, interest, fuel, and maintenance.

The last option is to rent. RV rentals are the cheapest way to experience an RV. The payment usually costs a few hundred dollars per day that the vehicle is rented, and you will most likely pay for the fuel as an additional fee. This is for those who do not want to own an RV want to experience and go on RV trips. It’s a short term payment and a great trial period if there’s an RV you’ve been eyeing to buy.

Where to get RV Loans

There are several establishments or institutions where you can apply for an RV loan. Examples are banks, credit unions, and online lenders.

Banks are the usual go-to for loans in general. You may opt for your bank since it’s where your money is stored. Depending on what bank you go to, you may be given an incentive to go to the same place for other financial transactions. If your bank does not offer RV loans, it’s best to opt for another way.

Credit Unions are also a good option for taking a loan. It is a non-profit establishment that is tax-free. What’s good about credit unions is that you get to own part of the union when you become a member. Members put their money in the union to fund financial transactions such as loans, which benefits those who apply. If you aren’t part of a credit union, you have to join one. However, before you apply for an enticing credit union, make sure that they offer RV loans.

Online Lenders are a convenient way to apply for RV loans or just loans in general. Transactions mostly happen online and are quick to get approval from. You can apply for a loan in just a few clicks, and the waiting time takes a few days, unlike big institutions where you may have to wait for a week. The rates are also lower since they do not have an additional charge for a physical office.

Types of RV Loans you may get

There are mainly two kinds of loans you can get in general: the secured and unsecured loans. Secured loans are those that require a collateral to be given away if you are no longer able to pay the loan. This collateral refers to an already existing property you have, such as a vehicle, your home, or any other property. Many RV loans are secured loans, where the RV will serve as the collateral. If you cannot continue paying the loan, the RV will be taken away.

Unsecured loans, on the other hand, are loans that do not need collateral. These are only offered to select people with a high credit score because it relies on the fact that borrowers can surely pay back, hence having collateral is unnecessary. However, these may come with higher interest rates, and if you can no longer pay for the loan, your credit score will be at risk.

Things to consider in RV loans

Before you apply to finance an RV, you need to consider several other things. These are the type of RV, your budget, and your credit score.

The first thing you need to think of when you want an RV is what kind of RV are you looking for? Think of a specific brand, or, even better, a specific model. What type of RV do you want? How big should the size be? What home amenities do you want in it? Research the type of RV you want first before anything else.

Your budget is another thing that matters. You may have chosen the RV you want now, but will it fit the budget? When shopping for RV’s, always look at the price tag. Study the loan you will potentially apply for. Look at the monthly payment and its rate, as well as the time frame of the transaction.

Your credit score is another thing that matters when applying for a loan. This helps lenders determine how creditworthy you are and will tell you whether you can get a secured or an unsecured loan. Those with a high credit score, depending on the scoring system used, can select between secured and unsecured, and those with low credit scores are likely to only avail a secured loan.


RV Loans are an excellent option for people who want to own an RV but cannot immediately afford the total price. Keep in mind that having one will require financial stability and budget control. Interested in applying for a loan? Check out My Financing USA RV Loans and other lenders that offer the same loan for more information.

About the Author

Lauren Cordell is a financial advisor and a dedicated travel junkie. She loves recording her travels and has a penchant for distant holidays. When not in travel, she writes about making the best of travel plans.

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Essential Things You Need to Bring on Your Next Hunting Trip




Hunting is not just your ordinary trip to the woods – you need to be prepared. Regardless of how old you are, your first time hunting will be a disaster if you don’t come fully prepared! Your first priority should be getting a license and learning about all the protocols and regulations of the area you are going to hunt in – but what truly makes or breaks the whole experience is the gear or the lack of it! You’ll need to make a checklist of all the essentials you’ll need to bring on the trip and your hunting adventures can begin! 

Here’s a list of basic things you must bring on your hunting trip to make the best of it!


The one thing that you should check out before going on your hunting trip is what kind of weather conditions will occur that day. This will be of great importance when you start packing, as you’ll know what kind of clothes to bring, and never be unpacked and left cold ever again

Layered tops

It doesn’t matter if it’s spring or autumn, your best bet will be to bring multiple clothing items – and layer them as you wish. This way, if you get chilly at some point, you can just put your jacket on and vice versa. This will save you from overheating or freezing, and also you’ll have some spare clothes just in case if you get wet.

Backup clothes

Socks seem a bit insignificant, right? Well, not really, if you fall into a river and get your feet wet, you’ll suffer some consequences if you can’t dry them immediately. That’s why it’s best to bring multiple pairs of socks, and the same goes for the rest of your clothes – you never know if this situation may occur, so it’s best to be prepared and think about your health!


If you think hunting is just bringing a weapon of choice and calling it a day… maybe you should educate yourself a bit more before you run to your local woods. It takes a lot of items to actually make the hunting trip possible, some or more optional and some are a must!


When you are out in the woods, there are lots of things surrounding you, trees and small animals roaming all over the place. It’s hard to keep up with every detail, especially if you don’t have a trained eye for those things! Reading some hunting optics reviews will give you advice that if you want a successful hunting trip, you must increase your eyesight. Binoculars can even help you see in the dark!

Enough ammo

This isn’t the movies, you won’t have an endless array of bullets at your disposal. That’s why it’s best to bring as much as you’ll need – especially if you are a beginner and still learning how to hunt. If you run out of ammo, it will ruin the overall experience, and you’ll go home unsatisfied.

Additional items

Once you have all your clothes and the desired weapon of choice, you’ll need to grab some additional things you probably haven’t really put on top of your priority list. It’s all in the details, even small items can save you from trouble in the given moment!

Food and water

This isn’t the old days, you don’t have to hunt your dinner – bring it with you! If you are on your hunting trip, chances are you’ll get pretty hungry soon, with all the activity you’ll be doing. That’s why it’s best to be prepared and pack meals for the trip, and also pack lots and lots of water or beverages of choice. Doesn’t matter if you are going to camp out there, or just going for a couple of hours, it’s always best to be prepared!

First aid kit

Your first priority should be your health and safety! You never know what could happen on your hunting trip, it’s never a bad thing to have a small first aid kit with you at all times. Even if you get a little bit hurt, you can treat the wound on the spot and continue with your hunting adventures without thinking about getting an infection! Also, remember to bring sunscreen and put it on before you go, even if it’s not as sunny – protect your skin!

Hunting has been around since the dawn of time – the only thing that keeps changing is the gear. With today’s options, you can hunt in the worst weather conditions, day and night, and still have a good time. But choosing the proper items is key in ensuring you get the best experience – and also to ensure your own safety whilst you do it!

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By: Marina Villatoro
Title: Essential Things You Need to Bring on Your Next Hunting Trip
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Published Date: Fri, 23 Oct 2020 18:21:28 +0000

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Bond with Your Child over These Fun-Filled Activities in Atlanta




If you are a family man, you know the struggles of finding something that the entire family will love – especially the little ones. Taking kids out on trips and tours can be a difficult task because not many kids enjoy what you like. Think of things that you enjoy like clubbing and fine dining which your child would certainly dread.

Not many people know that Atlanta is a city of fun for everyone. If you live in Atlanta, you most certainly can find something that your little one will enjoy and love to be a part of. This article will discuss some of the best things to explore in Atlanta with your little one.

Best Places in Atlanta to Visit with Your Kid

Let’s talk about some things in Atlanta that your kid will surely love to be a part of:

Zoo Atlanta

Zoo Atlanta is known to save wildlife animals and give them a better life. In the modern world where people don’t have time for one another, it is a great way to teach your children empathy and help them discover the wonders and beauty of nature.

The entire experience at the zoo comprises of conservation of animals, research on new/old species, and education of the animals present, and creating friendly yet engaging experiences with some of the animals. This entire trip will be fun, you can buy some snacks and show your kids a great way to bond with other creatures and species present in this world.

Six Flags over Georgia

Who doesn’t love a day trip to a theme park? And to talk about one of the largest theme parks in America, Six Flags over Georgia is house to more than 40 rides out of which 12 are roller coasters. This is not just it. Six Flags over Georgia is one of the most awesome things to do in Atlanta with kids because of the adventure. Enjoy water pools, slippery water slides, and much more. They also transform the entire park into a haunted theme for the Halloween season and is decorated with a million lights for Christmas.

Hippo Hop Indoor Playground

An extremely fun place to enjoy for the whole family. The place comprises healthy food items, entertainment options, and fitness activities for the whole family. Their café comes with a whole range of food items from vegan to gluten-free and allergy-friendly. The place usually entertains children around the age of ten or less and provides them a great bonding experience with their parents while learning the value of a healthy lifestyle.

Georgia Aquarium

Marine life is in danger thanks to the industry and the way people are disposing of waste in the sea. Thankfully, Georgia Aquarium is doing something about the wonders of marine life. Teach your children the importance of sea animals, allow them to realize their beauty, and entertain them with the various tricks at the Aquarium.

This aquarium comprises more than 10 million gallons of water and houses more than 500 different species of sea life. Whether you want to stand behind the glass walls to observe the beauty or be a scuba diver for the day, make sure that you have the time of your life. Another major reason why this place is worth visiting is that it is a nonprofit organization that is solely committed to creating general awareness of sea creatures and motivating more people to do the same.

Children’s Museum of Atlanta

Atlanta holds an extremely rich historical and cultural background. The city is home to some of the best social leaders and it has also been the city from where the revolution against racism began. Atlantans should be proud of their cultural heritage and should introduce their children to it.

Fortunately, Children’s Museum Atlanta is the only institute where they introduce your child to the background of Atlanta and some other educational activities. The museum is known to teach children from the ages of 1 to 8 because all the programs and activities are designed as per their caliber.

Pettit Creek Farm

Curled up in the hills of Northern Georgia is the home of one of the largest herd of camels in the state of Georgia. There are many other farm animals apart from camels. The Pettit Creek Farm also houses other exotic animals like:

  • Giraffes
  • Zebras
  • Capybaras
  • Llamas
  • Lemurs.

The farm is open to the public from January to August but you need to make a reservation. They also have a Halloween event in mid of September that lasts till August and a Thanksgiving/Christmas event till the 30th of December. These events are open to the public and anyone is welcome to join.

Chattahoochee Nature Center

A private, nonprofit organization also known to people as the Chattahoochee Nature Center lies on the Chattahoochee River in Roswell intending to connect back people with where they actually belong – nature. It comprises 127 acres of indigenous plantings highlighting the elegance of Georgia and the Chattahoochee wetlands.

The Discovery Center that only comprises of the Nature Exchange in the southeastern part offers exhibitions and real, native wildlife that cannot be released. There are 2.5 miles of trails for hiking and nature trails that host more than 50 different species of wildlife. Unique trips and festivals during the year involve fun days for kids and adults, canoeing, festivals, zip lines, and services for couples, teenagers, and adults.


Atlanta is one of the most historically rich and economically significant cities in America. There are a lot of things to do in Atlanta with kids where you can take your child for a fun day with loads of information. While you are with them, it can also be a bonding experience for both of you and Atlanta certainly does not fall short in offering that. Find natural non-profit organizations that are helping animals to historical museums where they plan fun-filled yet educational activities for children of all ages. Just pack your snacks, check your car tires, and head out to have the best bonding experience with your child.

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How To Receive The Highest Possible Personal Injury Settlement




Suffering a personal injury while on the job or through a traumatic car accident can be a difficult experience, and getting stuck with all the bureaucratic work needed to receive a fair settlement can be a truly hellish experience. Besides having to deal with the emotional weight of the occurrence itself while continuing to balance other concerns, such as your ability to work, pay hospital bills, or care for your family, you will need to make sense of seemingly nonsensical legalese, and keep your head together.

As anyone who has been through this can tell you, it is incredibly tiring, but there are ways to not only make it through unscathed but also receive the highest possible personal injury settlement you can. The following are a few points to help you.

4 Ways to Receive The Highest Possible Personal Injury Settlement

Prepare All Paperwork

The first thing to remember in putting together a personal injury lawsuit is to prepare all the evidence you have in order to establish a fault. A successful lawsuit will not be possible without legally establishing the fault of the second or third party, so you need to organize yourself, which may seem like a tall order in the aftermath of an accident. But, it will make all the difference in your case. Any jury will decide your case ultimately based on the evidence presented, so make sure to file a police report, get statements from any eyewitnesses, hold onto any bills, insurance claims, and other materials that show the fallout from the accident.

Go to the Doctor

Maybe you didn’t get hurt severely in the accident, and you’re not sure if you have medical claims to file as part of your case. In actuality, if you’ve suffered a personal injury of any kind and it seems that the damage happened more to your car or home, you should still go to the doctor or hospital immediately. For one, you cannot diagnose yourself properly, and only a medical professional will be able to tell you definitely if you are ok or not. You will need the report from your doctor documenting any conditions to include as part of your case for the jury and judge to review and come to a fair monetary settlement for you.

Remember, delays in the treatment can lead to strong legal arguments made against you by the second party, or even by insurance companies hesitant to pay for your treatment. They can easily say that you weren’t badly injured, nor did you suffer substantial damage as a result. Insurance companies will always look for a reason to deny a claim, so avoid the mistake of white knuckling it and thinking that you will be fine. Or, taking too much time to go to the doctor or checking yourself into the emergency clinic. One of the tricks essential to receiving a fair settlement in your case is acting fast on all these fronts.

Hire a Lawyer

An attorney experienced with the realm of personal injury lawsuits should be called in to help you through this process. While you can take the time to prepare the evidence yourself, things will become complicated fast with the trial and the subsequent issues with the insurance companies, and any small misstep on your part can throw the validity of your entire case into question. Don’t underestimate the level of determination that the insurance companies, and the second party – whether it is another driver or your employer – want to get out of paying you a fair settlement.

For example, seemingly small or inconsequential decisions such as deciding to skip out on a round of treatment with your doctor can be absolutely the death knell in your case. If you have a lawyer, you will just tell him or her that you had a scheduling conflict, and they will be sure to take care of the paperwork on your behalf so that the courts know that it was out of your hands.

Try to Continue Working

One of the things you want to make clear to a jury is that despite your injuries, you are doing your best to continue working. This is shown as proof of the fact that while the injury has incapacitated you for some time, you were unable to stop working for fear of not being able to keep up with different familial commitments. The juries in these cases are usually sympathetic and will want to offer a higher settlement so that you can have a chance to take care of your health while meeting your financial obligations.

Getting hurt or having your sole mode of transportation, such as your car, trashed, is a terrible feeling and can result in many missed bills piling on your desk, creating considerable anxiety in your life. Receiving a fair settlement that will help you make ends meet can be a challenge, but if you’re careful enough, you will be able to meet your obligations head on.

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